Learn Chinese in China with KCS EDUCATION


MANDARIN SUMMER CAMPS: Make the most of your summer vacations and learn Chinese!

mandarin student

Make the most of your summer vacations and open a new world of opportunities for your future!

Set your CV apart and give your future career a boost. Learn Chinese, the language of the world’s 2nd economy and The US’s and Europe’s most important trade partner.

More and more companies are trading with China and require their managers to speak Chinese. Don’t be left behind! Make the most out of your summer, discover a new culture and take a huge step into your future!

National Theater Taipei

Broaden your horizons and discover a thousand year old culture!

5.000 years of culture and folklore are waiting for you. Visit temples, pagodas, museums and participate in all kind of festivals. Every day we will introduce you to new exciting Chinese traditions, religions, and cuisine.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to discover Taiwan’s aboriginal warrior culture during our excursions to the island's incredible National Parks. A KCS summer camp is much more than just a language course; it’s your key to China’s thousand year old civilization!

Students rafting at the Taroko National Park

Take a refreshing break!

Make new friends and enjoy all kind of outdoor activities. With over 1600 km of coastline, beautiful beaches, thousand year old forests, and tropical jungles where 18000 different animal species thrive, Taiwan is a true paradise in a nutshell.

In addition to our daily activities like Kung Fu and pottery lessons, and visits to museums and acrobatic shows, every weekend we have arranged expeditions to Taiwan's astounding National Parks where we will go for trekking, rafting, and canoeing. Walk through thousand year old 50 metre tall cypress while ascending to 2.000 metre high mountains, and soothe yourself after a long adventure day in Taiwan’s relaxing hot springs!